The Taste of Pure Turkish Tradition

The Akverdi is a family business dedicated to producing premium quality extra-virgin olive oil and other olive products through traditional practices.

The result of our labor is a high-quality olive oil produced from the cold-press  – 100% natural olive oil free from chemicals, additives or any processing. Why is this important? Because we create what we know to be a healing food and elixir: authentic extra-virgin olive oil.

We are using ONLY Montania olives.

This area has a long tradition of producing high-quality olive oil with low acidity - a prized value of extra-virgin olive oil.

Our Vision

Our vision for The Akverdi is to extend the treasures of Turkey’s soil throughout the world. By creating and promoting authentic Turkish products made by small, local producers that value authenticity and environmental protection, we preserve production techniques based on highest standards - and ultimately share those gifts with our customers across the world.


In our shop, we offer detailed information on all our products (origin, characteristics, quality, chemical analysis results). If there are any questions before or after ordering, we answer them immediately. Direct communication with all our customers is always welcome and creates trust!