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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1000cl.


    VALUE ✪ 1 Litre Premium Quality – Cold Pressed under 27C – Unfiltered – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    QUALITY ✪ This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the typical fragrance of the freshly pressed olives. It has a stronger flavour and is typically darker in colour compared to other olive oils.

    AREA ✪ Produced with Montania olives from groves in the city of Bursa, this area borders the Sea of Marmara and offers an ideal climate to nurture olive growth.

    HEALTHY PRODUCT ✪ The Olives are harvested with care and the oil is cold extracted within hours to ensure the natural flavour and nutritional values remain.

    PACKAGING ✪The bottle’s dark colour protects the oil from oxidation, preserving its natural flavour

    VEGAN ✪ Suitable for Vegans.

    HARVEST DATE ✪ 2020 Dec.

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