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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1000cl.


VALUE ✪ 1 Litre Premium Quality – Cold Pressed under 27C – Unfiltered – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

QUALITY ✪ This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the typical fragrance of the freshly pressed olives. It has a stronger flavour and is typically darker in colour compared to other olive oils.

AREA ✪ Produced with Montania olives from groves in the city of Bursa, this area borders the Sea of Marmara and offers an ideal climate to nurture olive growth.

HEALTHY PRODUCT ✪ The Olives are harvested with care and the oil is cold extracted within hours to ensure the natural flavour and nutritional values remain.

PACKAGING ✪The bottle’s dark colour protects the oil from oxidation, preserving its natural flavour

VEGAN ✪ Suitable for Vegans.

HARVEST DATE ✪ 2020 Dec.

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YOU PROBABLY HAVE TRIED MANY OLIVE OILS, but there are only a few like this. We take care of our olive to produce olives as PURE as possible.

After the harvest and olive sorting, we immediately start producing olive oil, using all the TRADITIONAL METHODS.

Thus, olive oil is produced by COLD PRESSING WITHOUT additional chemicals or hot water.

Since it has not been filtered, retains tiny particles of the flesh of the olive fruit and therefore has a characteristic flavor and aroma.


Αfter all, its characteristic taste is a confirmation of all this, as its high content of polyphenols makes its flavour delightful.

You will be amazed by its rich AROMA and its YELLOW-GREEN color. Its ACIDITY is VERY LOW, as an extra virgin olive oil should be.

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